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Environmental Design
Entrant: Ogilvy Kosova, Prishtinë
Monument Marking Kosovo's Declaration of Independence
Corporate Name of Client: Government of the Republic of Kosovo
Agency: Ogilvy Kosova, Prishtina
Chief Creative Officer: Fisnik Ismaili
Executive Creative Director: Fisnik Ismaili
Creative Director: Jeton Morina
Associate Creative Director: Valon Xhaferi
Design Director: Valon Sopaj
Copywriter: Fisnik Ismaili
Art Director: Shkenca Goçi
Photographers: Jeton Kaçaniku/Andrew Testa/Visar Kryeziu
Illustrator: Nita Salihu
Graphic Designer: Etrit Zeneli
Production Managers: Jehona Serhati/Artan Zeneli/Bes Bujupi/Ylli Vuciterna

Basic description of the project:
Only ten days before the actual day, we were briefed to prepare a celebration event for The Declaration of Independence Day. We created the giant sculpture " NEWBORN", 3m high, 24m long, 1m thick, weighing 9 tons. We chose the word "NEWBORN" to describe the day and globally pass the message of a newest country being born. People would express all their emotions with permanent markers. Over 150,000 people wrote on it during the event, starting with the President and the Prime Minister. All major global TV networks covered it live and it was featured in the press worldwide.