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Invitations/Greeting Cards
Entrant: Wallace Church, New York
WC Tuna Party Invitation
"Origami Tuna Party Invite"
Corporate Name of Client: Wallace Church, Inc.
Design Company: Wallace Church, New York
Executive Creative Director: Stan Church
Graphic Designers: Stan Church/Chung-Tao Tu

Basic description of the project:
Every year Wallace Church throws a Tuna Party where we grill up fresh tuna for our clients and friends. For our 2007 party, we created a unique invitation: an origami fish. We printed our invitation as a small poster, black on black, and folded it into a fish. We then tucked the fish into a clear plastic pillow envelope and sent it “swimming” through the mail to its recipient. Upon receipt, the guest would tug at the designated fin to unfold the fish, revealing the invitation.