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Use of Illustration
Entrant: Strichpunkt, Stuttgart
Staatsoper Stuttgart
"Programs State Opera"
Corporate Name of Client: Staatsoper Stuttgart
Design Company: Strichpunkt, Stuttgart
Creative Director: Kirsten Dietz
Art Director: Kirsten Dietz
Graphic Designers: Kirsten Dietz/Anders Bergesen/Julia Ochsenhirt/Susanne Hoerner/Anika Marquardsen

Basic description of the project:
As part of the development of the new Corporate Design by Strichpunkt for the Württembergische Staatstheater Stuttgart, the agency designs and produces the programme booklets for the Staatsoper Stuttgart. The CD frame is freely interpreted and filled according to the subject of the particular piece – from a criminal act for "Carmen" to a Western libretto for "Il Fanciulla del West”, the agency combines extensively prepared components with photos taken shortly before the premiere to create a comprehensive, two-dimensional interpretation of the performance – and in doing so creates printed works of art that are themselves open to interpretation.