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Brochures/Catalogues - Trade
Entrant: BBDO Germany, Düsseldorf
2007 Cicero Annual Mailing
"Typo Origami"
Corporate Name of Client: Cicero Werkstudio für Schriftgestaltung
Agency: BBDO Stuttgart, Stuttgart
Chief Creative Officer: Armin Jochum
Copywriter: Friedrich Tromm
Art Director: Sebastian Gaissert
Photographer: Torben Jäger
Illustrator: Sebastian Gaissert
Head of Art Buying: Claudia De Feo
Client Consulting: Caroline Schäufele
Production Company: Cicero Werkstudio für Schriftgestaltung

Basic description of the project:
Brief: CICERO is one of the last major font design studios. To attract new clients and remind existing clients of the excellence of CICERO craftsmanship we produced a mailing. Solution: You can even make something pretty from bad typography. We demonstrated this by transforming ugly typographical solutions into beautiful Origami figures and sending the result to top decision-makers in the media. Target group: Top decision makers in the media