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Gold Winner

Environmental Design
Entrant: GJP Advertising & Design, Toronto
Down Below Environmental
Corporate Name of Client: Down Below
Agency: GJP Advertising & Design, Toronto
Chief Creative Officer: Alan Gee
Creative Directors: Lisa Greenberg/Trevor Schoenfeld
Copywriter: Trevor Schoenfeld
Art Directors: Lisa Greenberg/Celene Gee
Photographer: Arash Moallemi

Basic description of the project:
We renovated a cramped, underutilized basement space, leveraging (what would normally be) its limitations, transforming them into opportunities to surprise and delight patrons. A low ceiling provides a welcome canvas on which to communicate important insights that only a woman, in a very awkward and compromising situation, can appreciate. The menu book functioned non-verbally, disarming any embarrassing situation, allowing women to simply point at the service they desired. And change-room mirrors displayed various waxing options so guests could visualize the patterns they've selected, prior to waxing. Down Below gives women permission to explore more exotic aesthetic treatments while removing the "porn star/stripper" stigma usually accompanying this type of bodywork.