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Entrant: ID Branding, Portland
12 Bridges Gin
Corporate Name of Client: Integrity Spirits
Agency: ID Branding, Portland
Design Company: ID Branding, Portland
Container Company: Saver Glass, Feuquieres, France
Executive Creative Director: Doug Lowell
Copywriter: Charla Adams
Art Director: Jared Milam
Illustrator: Egon Selby
Graphic Designer: Egon Selby
Producer: Pam Lazoff

Basic description of the project:
12 Bridges Gin: When our client, Integrity Spirits, wanted to make a gin that shook up the gin world, we were asked to come up with a brand that embodied their aspirations. Since Portland, Oregon is the home of Integrity Spirits, and since their gin uses 12 botanicals for its distinct flavor, we suggested calling it 12 Bridges Gin, in honor of the 12 bridges that cross Portland's two rivers. Each bottle order will be printed with the story of a different bridge, until, over the next several years, all 12 of Portland's bridges have had their story told.