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Beverages - Non-Alcoholic
Entrant: Pearlfisher, London
This Water
Corporate Name of Client: Innocent Drinks
Design Company: Pearlfisher, London
Creative Director: Shaun Bowen
Copywriters: Lisa Desforges/Dan Germain
Illustrator: Sarah Pidgeon
Graphic Designer: Sarah Pidgeon

Basic description of the project:
This water is a new brand created by the people at Innocent. It was inspired by both the ubiquity and miracle of water. Bright and quirky illustrations combine with hand-scribbled copy to create a bold, fresh new look. The name was chosen for its versatility and ability to be used as part of personality-driven phrases on and off pack. Copy also plays a huge part in the brand personality. Each bottle describes the origins of ‘This Water’. The finished article is a brand that references Innocent, but has the strength and flexibility to succeed all on its own.