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Entrant: Shigeno Araki Design & Co., Osaka
Espaço Novo Vento
Corporate Name of Client: Espaço Novo Vento
Design Company: Shigeno Araki Design & Co., Osaka
Container Company: The Pack Co., Ltd., Osaka
Executive Creative Director: Shigeno Araki
Design Director: Shigeno Araki
Art Director: Shigeno Araki
Illustrator: Shigeno Araki
Graphic Designers: Mizuho Tada/Yoshitaka Orita

Basic description of the project:
In Portuguese, ESPAÇO means “space”, and NOVO VENTO means “new wind”. Enjoy new sweets at some open space. ESPAÇO NOVO VENTO was born from such a concept. ESPAÇO NOVO VENTO is selling fast, and the main product of this brand is sweets pouring on liquid chocolate. Shop performance; shows pouring liquid chocolate on sweets in front of customers- a distinctive feature of this brand. Illustration on packages expresses images of dripping, “just made” chocolate. Visual expression on package tries to emphasize taste of “just made”.