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Medium Category Award Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Media Type URL Address Username Password Corporate Name of Client Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Chief Creative Officer(s) Group Creative Director(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Executive Agency Producer(s) Agency Producer(s) Production Company Production Company City Executive Producer(s) Producer(s) Director(s) Sound Design Company Sound Design Company City Other In less than 100 words, give a basic description of the project.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Gold Winner BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES HBO Voyeur Ambient, Digital Media, Poster & Outdoor, Print, Television/Cinema voyeur 3agleey3 HBO BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce Greg Hahn Mike Smith/David Carter (Senior Creative Directors) Greg Hahn/Mike Smith/David Carter David Carter RSA, New York/Big Spaceship, New York Jules Daly/Fran McGivern/David Mitchell Jake Scott/Chris Nelson Director of Integrated Production: Brian DiLorenzo; Content Producer: Jiffy Luen The campaign goal was to fortify HBO against increasing competition by getting super-fans to connect with the brand with the same passion they show for programming. It wouldn't be enough to tell super-fans that we are the leaders at cutting-edge, innovative storytelling ? we needed to show them. HBO Voyeur took the act of watching, already an integral part of the HBO experience, and intensified it. The viewers became essential players within the story ? their gaze the very essence of the concept for HBO Voyeur: sometimes the best stories are the ones we were not meant to see.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Silver Winner Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami UNITED STATES Whopper Freakout Design, Digital Media, Television/Cinema, Website, Web Banners (Flash and Rich Media) Burger King Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami Rob Reilly/Bill Wright/Jeff Benjamin Ryan Kutscher Ryan Kutscher/Omid Farhang/Nathan Dills Paul Caiozzo/Andy Minisman/Dan Treichel David Rolfe/Winston Binch/Chris Kyriakos (Sr)/Aymi Beltramo/Harshal Sisodia/Bill Meadows Post: RIO Patrick Milling Smith/Brian Carmody/Lisa Rich/Dan Sormani/Stephanie Boggs Allison Kunzman/Laura Thoel/Drew Santersiero/Crissy Desimone/Tricia Sanzaro/Shawna Drop Henry-Alex Rubin/DOP: Learan Kahanov Composer: Eugen Cho, Lime Studios/Dave Wagg/Rohan Young/Loren Silber/Mark Meyuhas Technical Director: Scott Prindle; Associate Technical Director: Matthew Ray; Interaction Designer: Michael Tseng; QA: Stewart Warner/James Luckensow; Designer: Thomas Rodgers; Editors: Adam Pertofsky/Chan Hatcher/Matt Murphy/Wyatt Jones; Assistant Editor: Dan Aronin/Gabriel Britz/Neil Meiklejohn; Development Partner: RED Interactive; Design/Animation: Lifelong Friendship Society; Fire Artist: Mark Dennison; Inferno Artist: Andy Davis; Producer: Jessica Locke To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the WHOPPER®, BURGER KING® created an innovative media campaign in which America's favorite burger, the WHOPPER®, was removed from the menu for a day and hidden cameras captured customers candid reactions. The first component of the campaign explored deprivation to see what would happen if America's most beloved burger was removed from the menu unannounced. The social experiment was taken to another level when customers were given competitors' burgers. When the customer returned to discuss the problem with the manager, the King presented the customer with a Whopper and revealed the hidden cameras.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Gold Winner DDB London London UNITED KINGDOM Volkswagen Golf Night Driving Digital Media, Poster & Outdoor, Print, Television/Cinema Volkswagen DDB London London Sam Oliver Shishir Patel Paul Cameron Lucinda Ker Independent Films Richard Packer Noam Murro Editor: Tim Thorton-Allan, Marshall Street Editors; Planner: Kirsty Sadler; Account People: Louise Garnar/James Hayhurst; Online Agency: Tribal DDB; Online Creatives: Stephen Webley/Kathrina Hahn; Online Account Man: John Goodbody In recent years, the status of the Golf as one of the highest profile premium car models has been challenged with the increasing popularity of Audis and BMWs. Volkswagen tasked us with creating a campaign that put the Golf back on top. The concept of Night Driving was born from Golf’s brand values as a ‘driver’s car’ – the pure pleasure of driving. With the current driving conditions, particularly in big cities, it’s only at night that drivers can be un-distracted by traffic, noise and chaos. At night, it becomes more about the driving.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Gold Winner Ogilvy & Mather Toronto CANADA "New" Diamond Shreddies Digital Media, Package Design, Poster & Outdoor, Print,Television/Cinema Kraft Canada Inc. Ogilvy & Mather Toronto Agency: Janet Kestin/Nancy Vonk Interactive: Carlos Garavito Hunter Somerville/Tim Piper/Jane Murray/Jen Durning Integrated: Ivan Pols Interactive:Liz Kis/Ron Gligic/Flavio Viana Robyn Vickers TV: Shenny Jaffer/Terry Kavanagh Print: Chris Rozak TV: OPC, Toronto; Virals: AVH live communications, Toronto Tara Handley for TV/Al Good for Virals Michael Downing Vapor Music Toronto Typographer: Redworks; Editor: Alison Gordon; Clients: Jennifer Hutchinson/Mangala D'sa/Jordon Fietje; For 68 years, Shreddies cereal remained the same: Wheat Squares. And that’s what Canadians thought of the Shreddies personality: Square. To make Shreddies relevant again. we hired a team of the world’s leading Designtists. They helped us create a Shreddie that was not only more aesthetically pleasing but also triggered taste buds with greater efficiency. Together, we created the Diamond Shreddie! We promoted this breakthrough advance in cereal technology through viral videos, television, a website, outdoor, print, and a package redesign.