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Medium Category Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Media Type URL Address Username Password Corporate Name of Client Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Chief Creative Officer(s) Group Creative Director(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Executive Agency Producer(s) Agency Producer(s) Production Company Production Company City Executive Producer(s) Producer(s) Director(s) Sound Design Company Sound Design Company City Other In less than 100 words, give a basic description of the project.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Draftfcb Shanghai CHINA Breastfeeding - Eating in Toilet Digital Media,Poster & Outdoor,Print,Official Invitation Letters, Invitation Cards, Cuerilla Marketi Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association DraftFfcb Shanghai Poh Hwee Beng/Bill Chan Tim Dorothey Jeremiah Lee/Wang Yong Bill Chan/Tim Dorothey Jeremiah Lee Sail Zhang Fan Xiao Xiao The promotion is to fight for legislation to create public nursing rooms. On Dec 1 2007, Hong Kong Breastfeeding Mothers' Association invites all government officials, including the Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang, to experience what it is like to eat a meal in public toilet. After the event, across news papers, on the blog, on the website, the event continues . On Dec 12 2007, Hong Kong legislative council meets to discuss on the topic.After the long meeting inside the legislative council, the government has agreed to put the topic on their official agenda.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Great Works Stockholm SWEDEN Absolut Vodka Digital Media, Print, Event, PR The Absolut Company Great Works/Frankenstein/TBWA/ Knock/Jung/Noise Marketing/Teenage Engineering/Plebian Design/ Ted Persson Pontus Frankenstein (Frankenstein)/Sebastien Vacherot (TBWA) Mathias Päres Mathias Päres/Pontus Frankenstein (Frankenstein) Erik Hagman/Sesse Lind Fredrik Karlsson/Pontus Frankenstein (Frankenstein)/Mathias Päres Charlotta Rydholm/Kaj Bouic Linn Tornérhielm/Jocke Wissing Client V&S Absolut Spirits: Ulrika Lövdahl/Karl-Johan Bogefors/Kristina Hagbard/Jesper Andreasson/Patric Blixt; Account Director: Magnus Wålsten; Technical Director: Mikael Emtinger; PR: Jung/Noise marketing; Event: Knock IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD, WOULD MACHINES BE CREATIVE? Following the work ABSOLUT has been doing within the spheres of art, fashion and music, the brand decided to explore the intersection between art and cutting-edge technology. To explore what it would be like if machines were creative, ABSOLUT invited Dan Paluska and Jeff Lieberman of science and technology institute MIT, and Swedish design and engineering team 'TeenageEngineering' to creative one creative machine each. For the first time, website visitor are invited to interact with the machines, physically situated in gallery spaces in Stockholm and NY, live right from their browsers.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign JWT India Mumbai INDIA Times of India Ambient, Digital Media, Poster & Outdoor, Print, Radio, Television/Cinema, Music Video Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited JWT India Mumbai Agnello Dias Debu Purkayastha/Vistasp Hodiwala Arkadyuti Basu Simone Patrick/Kaushik Iyer Vinayak Gaikwad/Komal Ranjan Madhur Shroff/Rohit Redkar Sachin Kalelkar Firoz Karmalawala Red Ice, Mumbai/Equinox, Mumbai Gary Grewal/Manoj Shroff Shoojit Sircar/Milind Dhaimade The Times of India wanted to find a stimulus that would break the social inertia of acceptance and tolerance and galvanize an entire nation to be the face of change in India. To capture the essence of a resurgent nation poised tantalizingly on the edge of redemption, Lead India was launched on the first day of the 60th year of India’s Independence. The objective was to send out a clarion call for one final thrust that would take her from a potential nation to a kinetic power.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign mortierbrigade Brussels BELGIUM Studio Brussel - Music for Life - "Black Boy Wanting Water" Ambient, Digital Media, Television/Cinema Studio Brussels mortierbrigade Brussels Jens Mortier/Joost Berends/Philippe Deceuster Tim/Joeri/Dieter Tim/Joeri/Dieter Patricia Vandekerckhove Caviar Brussels Kato Maes Kurt Deleyer charity event 'music for life', by radio station studio brussels and the red cross, wanted to raise money for drinkable water for Afrika. the insight: every tv host has a glass of water. it's so normal, nobody even notices anymore. Until a black boy showed up on Flanders' best watched station 'één' during three days, in prime time. He drank the host's glass of water and then ran of. the whole thing started to spread on the internet and other media. the only thing left to do: claim the campaign. in 6 days time, people donated 3,3 million euro
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Publicis Mojo Auckland NEW ZEALAND Speights Ambient,Design,Digital Media,Package Design,Point-of-Sale,Poster & Outdoor,Print,Radio,Television/Cinema,Recruitment Interviews/promotions Lion Nathan Publicis Mojo Auckland Nick Worthington Nick Worthington/Lachlan McPherson Karl Fleet/Guy Denniston/Nick Worthington Lachlan McPherson/Lorenz Perry Mark Van der Hoeven Sacha Loverich/Corey Esse RJ Media/Octagon/Tomorrowland Michelle Jones/Lisa Fardy/Phil Wade/Richard Scotts AJ Johnson/Jono Nyquist Soundpost - Steve Finnigan Auckland After hearing New Zealanders in the UK missed their favourite beer, a working Speight’s Alehouse was strapped to a ship’s deck and sailed from Dunedin to London. The ships crew was recruited in a nationwide search. The voyage received over 20 minutes of national television news coverage and press reports. The action was transmitted from the boat to a website during it’s 16 week voyage. A NZ prime time sports programme and radio network provided weekly coverage of the action. The London arrival drew another crowd and more news coverage. An hour-long documentary of the journey aired on Sky TV.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Serviceplan Munich/Hamburg Hamburg GERMANY Unicef ProAging Digital Media, Package Design, Point-of-Sale, Poster & Outdoor, Print, Guerilla, PR UNICEF Deutschland Serviceplan Munich/Hamburg Maik Kaehler/Christoph Nann/Alexander Schill/Axel Thomsen/Friedrich von Zitzewitz/Daniel Koennecke Christoph Nann Maik Kaehler/Amelie Graalfs/Till Diestel/Roman Becker/Andreas Lexa Beatrice Heydiri Andre Wischnewski Alphadog/Schoenheitsfarm Hamburg Account Managers: Robin Ruschke/Christina Franz In Germany Anti-Aging is a big thing. But in Africa it’s all about the opposite, because many children die long before they grow older. That’s why we launched the virtual pro-aging-cosmetics series by UNICEF. Products like drinking water or mosquito nets are promoted in a cosmetic campaign.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Campaign Vitruvio Leo Burnett Madrid SPAIN Prodis Foundation Ambient, Print, Television/Cinema Fundacion Prodis Vitruvio Leo Burnett Madrid Rafa Antón Fernando Martin Fernando Martin/Francisco Cassis/Silvia Comesaña Alejandro Hernán/Miguel de María Guzmán Molin-Pradel/Natacha Martín Wind Productions Jesus Cabanas Tay Sanchez Dionisio Naranjo We needed to create a 30 second ad to communicate that with the right education, people with Down’s syndrome can be fully integrated into society. After weeks with the kids we realized they could do a lot more things than we could possibly imagine. We came to the conclusion that the best way to communicate this message was letting them do their own ad.