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Medium Category Company City Country Brand Name of Product Language Corporate Name of Client Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Container Company Container Company City Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Engraver(s) Other In less than 100 words, give a basic concept of the design. Non-English: you must provide an English translation of the Copy in the box to the right or the entry will be disqualified
Package Design / Product Beers CLOUD8 Inc. Tokyo JAPAN KIRIN ZERO Other Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. CLOUD8 Inc. Zenji Hashimoto Zenji Hashimoto Yuta Ujibe/Hitomi Mori Minimum-sugar, low-calorie beer is the latest segment in the beer category, reflecting Japanese consumer concern over health maintenance and lifestyle choices. Green was the initial category color. The new design sought the appropriate balance of a “beer-look” with a lifestyle proposition. The solution – to lessen extraneous elements (reflecting less calories and sugar), showing svelte graphics and simplified color codes of white and silver. White stresses the elimination of excess, and highlights the brand ZERO. The Kirin symbol is the only colored element, and a unique white color was developed that avoided bluish hues under natural and artificial light.
Package Design / Product Beverages - Non-Alcoholic Pearlfisher London UNITED KINGDOM This Water English Innocent Drinks Pearlfisher London Shaun Bowen Lisa Desforges/Dan Germain Sarah Pidgeon Sarah Pidgeon This water is a new brand created by the people at Innocent. It was inspired by both the ubiquity and miracle of water. Bright and quirky illustrations combine with hand-scribbled copy to create a bold, fresh new look. The name was chosen for its versatility and ability to be used as part of personality-driven phrases on and off pack. Copy also plays a huge part in the brand personality. Each bottle describes the origins of ‘This Water’. The finished article is a brand that references Innocent, but has the strength and flexibility to succeed all on its own.
Package Design / Product Beverages - Non-Alcoholic Suntory Limited Tokyo JAPAN Suntory Oolong Tea "Daikoho" Other Suntory Limited Toyo Glass Co., Ltd. Tokyo Yoshio Kato Akiko Kirimoto Yoji Minakuchi Tsunao Harada By illustrating the tradition of tea leaves on the label, we express the depth and authenticity of Oolong-cha, and convey its value as a luxury. Daikoho is a kind of tea leaf. It's a high-grade Oolong tea.
Package Design / Product Beverages - Non-Alcoholic Turner Duckworth London UNITED KINGDOM Coca-Cola Aluminium Bottle English The Coca-Cola Company, North America Turner Duckworth London & San Francisco David Turner/Bruce Duckworth Chris Garvey Our aluminium bottle design embodies Coke’s renewed focus on its core brand identity. The classic contour bottle shape features an oversized Coke trademark and nothing more. This clean and confident design simplifies what it means to be Coke and makes the brand feel fresh and new again.
Package Design / Product Confectionery/Snacks Ogilvy & Mather Japan Tokyo JAPAN Funa Sushi Other Funai Ltd. Ogilvy & Mather Japan Tokyo Takuya Matsuo Masahide Yoshimi/Tatsuya Kuritsuka/Nanae Kawashima Motonori Sugiyama Masahide Yoshimi Masahide Yoshimi/Nanae Kawashima Chief Creative Officer: Akira Odagiri; Planning: Takenori Hashimoto Funa sushi is fermented sushi known for its strong smell and unique taste (similar to blue cheese or durian). It is totally different from ordinary sushi and has been enjoyed by people in certain regions in Japan for over 400 years. The advertisement was rolled out in regions that still regularly produce Funa sushi to remind the people of the product that has been long forgotten. The ad was introduced in newspapers and internet and has become popular all across Japan. As a result, many tourists purchased Funa sushi as a souvenir and the sales went up to 130%. We beautifully fermented it again for you this year. Luxuriously fermented. funai's funa-sushi -------------------------------------------------------- We beautifully fermented it again for you this year. funai's funa-sushi
Package Design / Product Confectionery/Snacks Shigeno Araki Design & Co. Osaka JAPAN Espaço Novo Vento English Espaço Novo Vento Shigeno Araki Design & Co. Osaka The Pack Co., Ltd. Osaka Shigeno Araki Shigeno Araki Shigeno Araki Shigeno Araki Mizuho Tada/Yoshitaka Orita In Portuguese, ESPAÇO means “space”, and NOVO VENTO means “new wind”. Enjoy new sweets at some open space. ESPAÇO NOVO VENTO was born from such a concept. ESPAÇO NOVO VENTO is selling fast, and the main product of this brand is sweets pouring on liquid chocolate. Shop performance; shows pouring liquid chocolate on sweets in front of customers- a distinctive feature of this brand. Illustration on packages expresses images of dripping, “just made” chocolate. Visual expression on package tries to emphasize taste of “just made”.
Package Design / Product Foods Pearlfisher London UNITED KINGDOM Saucy Suckers Saucy Suckers Pearlfisher London Simone Pyne Lisa Desforges/Brenda Mckenna Stephen Pearce Mick Conner
Package Design / Product Foods Pemberton & Whitefoord London UNITED KINGDOM Tesco Tortilla Chips English Tesco Stores Pemberton & Whitefoord London Simon Pemberton Barry Crombie TORTILLA CHIPS Brief: To produce a range identity for Tesco Standard Tortilla Chips focusing on the fun eating occasion and authentic Mexican origins. Target market: Mums aged 20-40 Initial Production Run: 400,000 packs The solution: The Bandito creates a generic icon across all packs with subtle humorous ‘ideas’ relating to product type e.g. Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and mobile phone for the ‘Cool Bandito’ or a fire extinguisher, water bottle and red cheeks for the ‘Chilli Bandito’. Strong colour coding enhances the flavour variants for strong shelf impact.
Package Design / Product Foods Turner Duckworth London UNITED KINGDOM Waitrose Honey Bee English Waitrose Ltd. Turner Duckworth London & San Francisco David Turner/Bruce Duckworth John Geary Christian Eager Artworker: Reuben James Waitrose approached Turner Duckworth to redesign their entire honey range, to make the fixture easy to navigate and bring it in line with their Good, Better Best tiering structure. The tiers help differentiate between ‘every day’ honey to the more specialist ‘taste’ or ‘provenance’ based honeys – ideal for cooking or for that special weekend treat. A simple typographic design, playing with the “E” in HONEY, creates the stripy body of a bee, which also references wooden honey twizzler sticks. A simple design that runs across all the set and clear honeys in this, their Good tier.
Package Design / Product Home Products Turner Duckworth London UNITED KINGDOM Flawless Paint English Homebase Ltd. Turner Duckworth London & San Francisco David Turner/Bruce Duckworth Andy Grimshaw Emma Thompson/Mike Harris Retoucher: Matt Kay; Artworker: Reuben James Leading British DIY chain Homebase, has created a range of wall paints with a distinct usp within the market – the paint dries to a perfect finish whether applied by an amateur or professional decorator. Designed and named by Turner Duckworth, our solution is based on the range usp of perfection. Thus the range has the biggest possible paint swatch (in the world!) to show the customer exactly what they want to see, the colour and finish.
Package Design / Product Liquors ID Branding Portland UNITED STATES 12 Bridges Gin English Integrity Spirits ID Branding Portland ID Branding Portland Saver Glass Feuquieres, France Doug Lowell Charla Adams Jared Milam Egon Selby Egon Selby Producer: Pam Lazoff 12 Bridges Gin: When our client, Integrity Spirits, wanted to make a gin that shook up the gin world, we were asked to come up with a brand that embodied their aspirations. Since Portland, Oregon is the home of Integrity Spirits, and since their gin uses 12 botanicals for its distinct flavor, we suggested calling it 12 Bridges Gin, in honor of the 12 bridges that cross Portland's two rivers. Each bottle order will be printed with the story of a different bridge, until, over the next several years, all 12 of Portland's bridges have had their story told.
Package Design / Product Toiletries/Pharmaceuticals Pearlfisher London UNITED KINGDOM Nude English Nude Skincare Pearlfisher London Sarah Butler Lisa Desforges Sarah Butler/Sarah Pidgeon Nude skincare is the first of its kind, inspired by the idea that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our mouths. Our brief was to create the brand from scratch. The design communicates simplicity and purity with a minimal look and feel. The colour palette has a muted, earthy feel to imitate the shades of nature. The structures emulate this with simple, ergonomic curves and tactile finishes inspired by pebbles. The directions and mandatory information are printed on a removable 100% biodegradable sleeve that can be discarded to leave the packaging ‘nude’.
Package Design / Product Wines Brandever Strategy Vancouver CANADA [the] Organized Crime Winery English [the] Organized Crime Winery Brandever Vancouver Bernie Hadley-Beauregard Clare Louise Mallison Laurie Millotte A true Niagara Peninsula (Canada) story: On what is currently the grounds of the Jordan Historical Museum stood two Mennonite churches. One of the churches was more conservative, while the other was more progressive and did not adhere as strictly to earlier doctrines. It turns out that the more progressive Mennonite church acquired an organ, and this so enraged the more traditional church that one night, members of the congregation broke into the progressive church, stole the organ and then threw it down the embankment to the Twenty Mile Creek.
Package Design / Product Wines CF Napa Brand Design Napa UNITED STATES Ehlers Estate 1886 English Ehlers Estate CF Napa Brand Design Napa, California David Schuemann David Schuemann Lisa Schuemann/Melissa Kopacky